Boot Camp

This is a High Intense Class. Designed at burning 800+ Cals. In this class we train like an athlete with the focus being on movement quality. If you want to look like an athlete train like one. If you want to look like a long distance runner, train like that.

Cals Burnt

Personal Training

This is a more personal touch for 1-4 people. Designed at reaching each persons individual needs, which can sometime be lost in the class environment. It is also a place where people might start off, if a little nervous to go into class straight away. This can also be paired up easily with our very popular BOOT CAMP class to get maximum results at a fraction of the cost.

Nutrition Advice

This can sometimes be the hardest place to get right, with so much conflicting conflicting information. We however have a vast experience of knowledge in this area and there is not always one way to skin a the cat here. We work with each client, find there limiting factors, work with there lifestyle to and come up with a specific plan to help them reach there goal.

Meet the Team


Rob Sweeney

My number 1 object is too make sure we all have a lot of fun, whilst reaching our fitness goals. I'm here at anytime if anyone wants a chat or a hand with anything.


Alex Dunlop

My goal is to make sure people move better. Most programs are good but not always the quality of movement and it grinds my gears to see poor quality movement.


Julianna Andia

Just so we don't get caught up in all that masculinity. I am here to help all the girlos, with any issues they might have. Don't get me wrong the guys are great but they're not a patch on us strong women.


Nick Parkes

I recently moved over here from England and I am here to help out with any of your needs.